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Ana Meen
ANA MEEN is a Musical Riddle, performed by female and male comedians form the Arab World where in each song, the celebrity will be performing and acting as if he/she was the real singer, in a comedy act treatment.
Talented kids with their parents from different parts of the Arab world, discuss, focus and expose their gift. Singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, acting, 3D characters creation, hand made crafts creations, mathematics, magic tricks, etc.
Stand Up Comedy
Comedy special starring your most loved comedy stars
The show is about famous football players from the GCC region. Players will be screened in their daily lives, starting from personnel, family, and friends, reaching the training sessions, guiding us to different football official matches.
Hakawate Online
HAKAWETE Online is a new twist from the old cliché hakawete to a young teenager comedian. The story telling has a unique social interactive treatment where stories can have visual comedy dramatization. All stories are based on reality and social media resources. At the end of each episode, a question will be asked giving the user with the best answer a chance to win valuable prizes.
Promotions and trailers
Al Khouyoul
A Mini Informative documentary about horses lifestyle and their success stories Slide show still
Music Video
Music Artists, exclusively on itivi with an official screening for their clips for 20 days and after going viral on all social media. Backstage Edited footage will be available on the online platform.
Nassif Zeytoun - The Promise
Nassif Zeytoun The Promise is a Reality show about the young artist revealing his fame and success. It will also introduce the new music video of Sawt Rbaba
Reality Show - Fan Clip Contest
A Reality show reveals the whole trip of the winner of Nancy Ajram Fan Clip Contest. Showing he met Waleed Nassif, Nancy Ajram, and team. it reveals how made the winner's dream come true.
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